T.R. One and Done

Northern Bridgers                                                March 22, 2014

They called it a cold front but really just colder than average temperatures.  Most the
day was single digits and sunny.  Pretty nice weather with the lack of wind today.  My
friend Carl Beideman came along for his first taste of Frazier bowl.
Not Angry At All Meadows
Conditions were good enough to throw down most lines but not ideal.  The recent snow was
cold smoke on top of rock hard base.  So, good enough.  Carl unsure of whether or not he
would be up for more than one run decided to go for the raddest line that appealed to him
The line starts with a Big Sexy field of pow then a cliff drop into a chute.  Pucker factor is high
and doesn’t see much traffic.  He asked me what I thought and I said “Its good enough”.   So I
pointed Carl to the top of his line and kept hiking so I could see the bottom half of his run, the
important part.
Gnarl after drop, top of chute.  Hard to see, kinda botched the shot.
The regular shot.  Ooooo clouds!
Carl screaming into the flats.  He likes to test his Dynafits.
Line of choice.  No Dynafits for me today.
With Carl safe in the flats I was excited to ski a new line myself.  The run looked good so I
was keen to giver.  Straightlining was the name of the game today.  That being said it was
a great 25sec run.  A little sketchy in the flats when I was negotiating icy waves that were
very hard to see for one reason or another.
Great shot of the top of my poles.
Both of us happy with our lines but not entirely thrilled on conditions decided to head
on out.  There was also a dozen or more people knocking off lines left and right.  Of note
some snowboarder rode Hattrup’s beautifully and someone skied the line left of Big Red
nicely (Pic Below).
Somebody having fun.
Phatty crown in Avy Bowl.  Just a little reminder.

T.R. Chamonix Couloir

Chamonix Couloir, Beartooths                                     March 16, 2014

The endless pow cycles at Bridger have finally slowed enough to entertain thrills
of another sort.  Like massive couloirs and long bootpacks.  Maybe bootpacks not
so much but this one was.
Started the day with a long drive in the dark.  Parked close to the trailhead in wind 
that shook my truck with each gust.  Not that inviting, but oh well.  Soon I was off
couloir hunting.
I’ve wanted to ski Cham couloir for awhile now, so I was pretty excited to see if I could 
find it.  As the view changes, line after line reveals possible routes.  Some go some don’t.
I was pretty sure I found it.  But if it was or not did not matter that much because 
whatever I was going up looked rad and long.
It was easy going up the first half of the vertical, as I was able to skin it.  Then switching
to booting which wasn’t bad at first.
Quick take a pic before the next gust of wind hits.
Most of the booting was not bad.  It was more the wind.  Higher up in the couloir the wind
started to gust and cause spindrift sluffs.  But even more alarming was the fact that the gusts 
would stop me in my tracks and make it almost impossible to look up hill right at the moment
when I wanted to see if sluffs were coming down.  
The bad kind of trenchtown.  Luckily it was shortlived.
I soon realized that the real threat was being knocked over by the wind more than the sluffs.
I could see/hear the wind coming down the couloir at me.  Most of the time I hunkered down
into the slope and waited for the gust to pass.  The Cham put up a good fight today but I was
able to make it up.  Even if it did involve some crawling on all fours over a thick crust in 
I see a ski line or two.
Me, Myselfie and Couloir.
So, I was sucking at skiing the top.  I blame the conditions, because  a few hundred feet
down it turned into dream land.  All of a sudden I was kicking ass having a blast.  The wind
had made the snow into perfect wind buffed slippy slidy fun.  It was so good I didn’t even
need to go into the sluff piles on the other side of the cooly.
Wind buffed paradise did not last the entirety, but the rest skied good down into the flats.
I found a large boulder to each lunch on and admire the view.  Then skied out and headed
home for a little pre St. Patty’s day celebration.

Now on Instagram

Instagramming                                                    March 7, 2014

This winter has been pretty darn good so far.  Its been all to easy to
shred fresh pow via chairlifts most days.  So I haven’t been skiing the kind of lines
I like to write about.  But now I’ll be gramming it up more frequently than I post
on my site.
Thought I’d through up some random pics from the past.  Going through old pics
is getting me stoked for big line season.
Under a December sun.      photo: Sam Phillips
Some days aren’t meant to be.  Perfect shit storm this day in more than one way.
A nice island of mountains.
@sampsongrams getting sendy.     photo: Kealan Shilling
An old John Hancock I was stoked on.