Sacajawea CrushFest Part 2

Sacajawea Peak, Bridger Range                                      May 13, 2014

Matt was determined to go up Sacajawea again and get legit dawn patrol turns.
It took me a little time to come around, but seeing the storm blow off the Bridgers in
the evening sealed the deal for me.  After all the skin track was in, we knew the snow
pack, and had our timing dialed.  We both agreed a 2am departure was in order and
Pete Lazar would be joining in.
Maybe it was the result of the last two days being spent in whiteouts but this morning
was magnificent.  Full moon setting as we made our way uphill and predawn light.
Didn’t need the headlamp for very long.  We were making great time but still felt the
need to hustle.  Being late for sunrise would be unacceptable.
Matt Shortland and Pete Lazar waiting for sunrise on Sac. Peak.
We made it to the top of Sacajawea at about 5:30am and had 30min. before
Skier: Dan Jupka        Photo: Matt Shortland
I managed to grab firsties on Sac face.  Matt went over to the top of his line to shoot some
photos.  I dropped into pink light maybe a little early, but I wanted everyone to have
time in Sherbert Land.
Pete skis next to a sluff roaring off a cliff.     Photo:  Matt Shortland
I took it easy this time through the pinch into the wind buffed lower apron which skied well.
Pete skied the top face with gusto, excited by how the snow looked as I skied.
Matt enjoying Sherbert Land.
On top for round two, 7:30am.
Pete dropping into Corner Pocket.  Photo:  Matt Shortland
Pete above the pinch in Corner Pocket.  Photo:  Matt Shortland
Pete on round 3, things starting to heat up.   Photo: Matt Shortland
Pete round 3, my point of view.
Dan centerpunching after Matt made it look so good.    Photo: Matt Shortland
During our third run the snow was heating up and wet slides became a factor.  For our next
run we decided to ski The Rapist because of its north facing aspect.  Unfortunately coming
off the summit Pete had some gear issues.  He decided to descend the skin track while Matt
and I continued on.
It was fun finding the entrance to this line again.  Exposed turns lead to a little sneak into the
top of the line.  There was good snow still but a little slabby and kept us on guard.  We took
our time getting down since there is a pretty good pucker factor skiing to the pinch and not
knowing how wide it really is.
Dan in the choke.   Photo: Matt Shortland
At the bottom we met up with Pete and headed out.  As far as I can tell we nailed it pretty
damn good.  I think this day was the peak amount of snow in the Bridgers.  Lines filled in as
good as they will get for this season.  Glad we went for it.

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