The Giggler

Red Mountain, Gallatin Range               May 18, 2014

The Giggler (a few days later)
This one was Ben VandenBos and Ned Gall’s idea.  I was at a loss of where to go ski
because of poor freezes at night for quite awhile.  I talked to Ned the night before
and he said they were planning on skiing a line up Hyalite that would more than
likely go with a bit of monkeying to get through.  Not exactly sure where he was
talking about but it sounded like fun.
Ben opted for some scrambling action.
Ben was gracious to ask if he could lead.  Haha, I have no clue where we’re going,
and Ned didn’t care.  So off we went with Ben leading the way.
Ben leading the way off the top.
Exposure and funky snow.
The snow was punchy, grabby, inconsistent, but good enough.  The snow encouraged
conservative skiing style.  Most of our turns where fairly ugly, but style points would
only be awarded with finishing the descent unscathed.
Ned working his way through a techy bit.
Ned on a steep traverse.  No camera tricks here, it was spicy.
Ben checking to see if it goes, not so much.
Plan A was to go down and left of the gully to exit.  Ben went to take a look, but what he
saw was not going to work today.  So it was on to Plan B of traversing some gullys to the
North to exit.
The uphill portion of the descent.
At the top of the side step up we found a cliff ban blocking our way.  There were two
options, an 8ft drop into the funk or a chunk of rock to monkey down.  Ben and Ned
started downclimbing and since I was last I had more time to think about it.  My head
swiveled back and forth between unappealing options.  Eventually I decided to air it
and get it over with.  It went smoothly and put me in position to get a pic some fine
skiing skills by Ned and Ben.
Mixed skiing
We could almost breathe easy.  One more obstacle is all that was left now, we hoped.
Ned smiles while getting in position for an acid drop off the last of the Gigglers obstacles.
We couldn’t help but laugh the whole way down because of the ridiculous nature of this run.
A lot of it was nervous excitement from going into the unknown and hoping for the best.  Ben
and Ned had an idea of the obstacles from a picture but you can’t be sure till your right there.

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