The Beartooths                                                   March 7, 2015

Excalibur from a neighboring couloir.
Earlier in the year Brendan and I got a good look at Excalibur.  From then on it was 
determined we should give it a go sometime this season.  We passed on it one time because
we thought there might be too much new snow.  Now seemed like a good time since it had
not snowed in days.
Brendan skinning the lower apron.
On the walk in it became apparent that the area had not received much snow fall since the
last time I was in the area.  Brendan found some gummy LifeSavers and I found a glove.  
Both belonging to my friend Sam who I came out here with last.  No wildlife had gotten into
the LifeSavers so Brendan and I enjoyed them ourselves.
Old Debris
Excalibur is large, 3500 vertical feet straight up.  But the thing that gets me is the snowfields
on both sides of the upper half of the couloir.  This area gets lots of wind and then given
its aspect gets intense sun in and above the couloir.  Factors like this boggle my mind when 
thinking of how to hit it great condition.  I think the best way to get this line in great condition
is to be lucky.
Still a long way to the top.
We did not hit it in great condition.  What we found was mostly edge-able textured
styrofoam, which was good enough.  On the bright side the snow was stable and the
only activity we encountered were a few small ice chunks rolling down the couloir.
Brendan front points up the last stretch.
On top we were treated to warm sunshine and no wind.  But our time in the sun was short
lived and soon the settling sun motivated us to get skiing.  It was almost 5 o’clock.
Go on, have a Hopzone and relax.  You earned it!
I was a bit more anxious to get skiing than Brendan.  After all I was on some beat up 
skis and Brendan was sporting his new skis for the first time.  Excalibur is not that steep
but the hardpack conditions made it more intimidating today.
Come on Brendan this skiing stuff is serious.
Hey, your new skis match your backpack.  Nice job Brendan.
Trying to take pics and not get nailed by the chunks Brendan is sending down.
Lots and lots of leapfrogging.
The descent was long and slow.  Most of it consisted of controlled turn after controlled
turn.  The search for the best turns on the way down was slightly amusing.  Maybe that
smooth section of harpack will ski good or hey that breakable crust may be fun.  Better
yet maybe that avi debris with be softish.  
In all honesty I did hit one good section and was able to link up some real nice turns.  
It was on some fine textured avi debris no less.  
Kinda looks like the clouds are moving.
Pleased to be at the bottom I cracked the beer Brendan had so graciously carried to the top
and then I carried down.  The light was fading fast now, but there was no rush to hike out.
Hiking out in the dark was almost a given with our nonchalant start to the day.  We
figured you either start in the dark or finish in the dark.

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